"Grown Ups" (2010)- Review

David Spade and Adam Sandler MADE this movie! These were the only two guys that were cracking drop dead hilarious jokes during the ENTIRE film. Don't get me wrong, but the other characters were funny as well, but they did not and cannot compete with David & Adam! I was laughing so hard FROM start to finish! I was laughing so hard that I could not contain myself! This movie was one of the best comedy movies of 2010 thus far! I anticipated that it would be funny just from the combined great comedians in this film and the previews alone! If this movie will not be #1 Opening Weekend, it will be at #2! If you just wanna laugh until your stomach hurts....GO SEE THIS MOVIE! Trust me, you will not be disappointed at all! It will have you laughing so hard, your eyes will burn red and you will start to breath heavy! It is just this damn funny!!!!!


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