"The Karate Kid" (2010)- Review

This was a remake of the original film, but this was a very GREAT remake. Jackie, Taraji, and Jaden did an outstanding job!!! The beginning of the movie was kinda boring and slow, Jaden has a lot of his father's mannerisms in this movie! Jaden's persistence in NOT surrendering to the bullies was remarkable. No matter how much he got beat at the competition, he never gave up and Jackie Chan told him that he did not need to fight anymore because he has proven himself and that people will respect him more and not mess with him. A lot of lessons that was taught to Jaden in this movie, people can adapt to and use in the real world. It was really motivational. It brought a tear to my eye. It was very AWESOME movie! Incredible! If you truly open up ur heart and eyes and focus you can realize a lot of things! This was a brilliant movie! You have got to see it!