"Nightmare on Elm Street" (2010)- Review

First off, you cannot re-make a classic as my friend, Tanya says and I agree too....but this movie was very good, I was jumping because some scenes caught me off guard when I was relaxed and actually into the movie and there was no quiet music and all the little things to forewarn you of a scary part. That is a very crucial element when making horror films, I think. This movie was 2 G's: "GOOD AND GORY!" The gore was PERFECT! It was not fake gore as in other horror movies, it was grrreat and I would want to see it again! It was really really really good! No doubt, the only thing that I did not like was that Freddy Krueger. He was not having that UMPH like the original Freddy! Even though his face was severely burned, his face looked so different that the original Freddy's and that was very noticeable to me! All in all, this was a superb movie and I recommend that you see it! It will have to be in the top three this weekend...mark mah words!