"Splice" (2010)- Review

To say that this movie was more advertised in theaters and not on TV, because I never saw it being advertised ONCE on the tube, I can see why. It was a very decent movie. I was under the impression that it was going to be a Science Fiction/Horror film--it was more of a suspense/drama type film. There were some unforseen parts in it that I thought would happen sooner in the movie-rather than @ the end. It was really predictable towards the middle...some parts, I could not see coming, while 90% figured it all out!!! Splice was the right name because everything was getting spliced up in this movie if you see it. I really felt sorry for Dren...I CANNOT believe that they name her after NERD while playing scrabble backwards. Lol! NERD=DREN.


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