"Charlie St. Cloud" (2010)- Review

This was a very plain and original film, I am hoping that this movie does NOT come in first opening weekend....any movie better beat this one. That was not a depressing type movie; it was more of a love story in a twisted kind of a way. It ended just as I predicted....if it would have ended differently, I truly would have been appalled! Kim Basinger was only in the movie for a couple minutes and she was never seen again!!! That was totally stupid I felt! Also, it can teach u never to take life for granted and to get out there and continue living! Take a chance! There are some really great lessons that one could adapt from this film, but overall-it was just average! The beginning was great, I mean, the death of Charlie's brother was not great, but that had to be the CLIMAX of the storyline-because the rest of the movie was just plain and did not have the umph that I was anticipating!!!