"The Last Airbender" 3D (2010)- Review

I, initially did NOT want 2 c this movie, but then when I started to see all the visual/special effects in the previews with the air, water, fire, and wind---I thought that it would look pretty awesome in 3D format. You know, I totally did not see the point in the film even being presented in any form (whether it b 2 or 3D). That is why I titled this the "last" of the Last Airbender. From the way that it ended, It will be a sequel. I was reading all the critics reviews and I was getting mixed signals from it. I mean, for the first 15 minutes of the movie they had some 3D effects, but after that....NOTHING!!! I really think that 3D formatting is just a way to further rip people off and charge the additional $3-4 dollars, but I am always taking the risk to still see the movie-it just seems like more and more each movie-I will not see anything 3D, then when a movie comes out that I want to see in 3D, I am not going to want to see it because of all the other letdowns from 3D films that I saw in the past. It was really funny to see that large arrow in the center of the Airbender's forehead that lit up and all that was missing was a sign that said "Attack here" since he had the arrow already! LMAO