"Lottery Ticket" (2010)- Review

This movie was really very funny especially the scenes with Loretta Devine! She made me laugh so hard when she was talking about Jesus on the bus scene! Lol! Besides, this movie pointing out the obvious to everyone---what would YOU do if you won the lottery, it shows something much more deeper, beyond comedy-it shows that no matter how true you think a friend is-they can be tested! Nobody wants to be around you when u are poor and have nothing-but once ur on top you will hear from long lost relatives, friends, all the people who let you down in the past, etc. Those types of people make me sick! That is a better lesson to be attained from this movie rather than what would you do if you won the lottery. People today are so self-absorbed and only want what they can get from people when they need them or want something from them and that is NOT the way to be!