"Piranha 3D" (2010)- Review

I was on the edge of my seat for the entire time I was watching this movie because I was anticipating on when the piranhas would come directly into my face and look so real and in front of me because the film was in 3D Format...There was only ONE scene where the killing & gore was brutal and so intense-I was expecting that for the whole movie, but I was wrong. That is why I was so scared to see it, the fish were killing but not in a 3D way and it was scary but not what I was expecting! I had no idea if this was a horror/adventure film or a porno because all of the nudity and pornographic imagery in it! Lol! All in all it was good and the way that it ended, there will be a sequel! Damn! Not looking forward to that....or am I??? Hmm.....


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