"Step Up 3D" (2010)- Review

Damn dynamite! Explosive! Exceptional 3D! Never a dull moment of this excellent movie! This was the type of 3D MOVIE I would NOT mind pay the $13 to see because I was NEVER ever disappointed in it @ all! They had 3D effects throughout the ENTIRE MOVIE LIKE IT SHOULD BE IF U SEE A MOVIE IN 3D FORMATTING! The dancing COMBINED with the 3D virtual effects made this movie AWESOME! This was the BEST 3D movie that I have ever seen in my life thus far! You have to see it! It was great, the story line was perfect, and of course it was set in NYC! Dance capital! I will definitely buy this on DVD! The 3D version! I loved the Icee scene with Luke and Natalie! Natalie had some moves on here! She had those seductive dance moves going on! I could rate this movie forever and ever! Make Step Up 4 EVEN BETTER!!! :)