"Takers" (2010)- Review

The action was good in this movie & it had an all-star cast! I went to especially see Hayden Christensen, Paul Walker, T.I., and Matt Dillon. Each of these guys did a great job at capturing the audience...all the other guys were plain and did not do the job I thought that they would. I would say that this movie is nothing but "The Italian Job" all over again. The scenes that I love were all the killing and fighting scenes. I particularly loved the scene where Dillon and Hernandez were chasing Brown! That was awesome and the killing was like "Set It Off." The current recession was in this movie as well, it never ceases to amaze me @ how the celebrities feel the the economic downfall and incorporates it into the movies nowadays! There was a lesson 2 b learned in this movie and it is not "take" what you want-but there are consequences to all actions if u do take......


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