"The Town" (2010)- Review

I thought that this movie was going to be like the old movie, "Set It Off" & it was but only with a little twist. This movie had minimal jokes, which were funny, vulgar language as in "The Departed" and the gore was not brutal, but it was on-screen killings as in so many other brutal films and it was great! The high and very intense car speed chases and the killings were perfection! This movie was very good from start to finish. There was one scene in the movie where every one in the entire theater laughed their asses off and it is the part where a cop spots the "four nuns" and he is just looking at them in SHOCK! Unforgettable! Sensational! It was funny as hell! I love good action movies that have a few jokes in them. This was a great Crime/Gangster movies like "We Own The Night" and other movies like that! I loved it and I will buy it on DVD!