"Hereafter" (2010)- Review

I found certain parts of the movie to be quite thrilling and heart-touching...there were a few minimal laughs because of how Marcus and George were interacting and some of the things that George said and did throughout the film. The movie did keep my attention...I really felt like the beginning of the movie the special effects were really good. When the tsunami hit, it looked real and intense unlike how fake the natural disasters looked in the movie, "2012." The movie could have been better and Matt Damon was the ONLY well-known actor in this movie-I will admit that it was dull, but it must not have been for me because I did not dare fall asleep or drift off and I usually do if a movie is boring to me....some parts of this film were spoken in French with the subtitles and I hated that. I came to see and English movie-NOT FRENCH and I totally disagreed with the ending-the ending sucked bigtime!