N-Secure (2010)- Review

I really was shocked at what this movie was about. This movie was like "Motives" or some other kind of movie like those. It had drama and insecurities-for sure! I was in awe @ how David's character was behaving! I was all into this movie and want to buy it when it is released out on DVD! I love movies like this because they keep me interested and it is not lacking in anything! This should have been a wide released movie! I just loved it and loved the actors that was in it! It was great to laugh and just be entertained @ how they all interacted & to see the high drama and what lengths people will go to to salvage friendships and relationships! This was truly a phenomenal movie, in my opinion and everyone in the theater was getting into it and even talking back to the people in the movie because they were upset at some of the things that they witnessed! Seriously! Lol