"Burlesque" (2010)- Review

This was not the typical musical movie like Dreamgirls or Hairspray for the simple fact that the cast did NOT sing their lines and performed on a stage. In this movie, they performed on the stage and there were regular speaking lines. Cher did an outstanding performance and she made few jokes in the film as well to balance it all out. Aguilera really made a great debut into the film industry in doing this role. She really captured the audience because people in the theater were actually applauding her! Once again, the economy was placed in this movie in regards to Tess and her Burlesque Club. I tell you-the economic state is in crisis if it is in a damn musical film, eh? The dancing.....the style....the moves.....the romance....the drama....this was the best movie I could have picked to see Pre-Thanksgiving 2010! So get 'yo ass out there and see how you "Burlesque!" :)