"Faster" (2010)- Review

This was truly a low-budget film. It had a very good plot summary! Although the acting was very weak and not all that spectacular as I had hoped considering that "The Rock" was the main star. The movie poster for this film may look exciting, but trust me-it aint all of what you expect and a bunch of no-name actors star in the movie...Besides-Dwayne, Billy, and Maggie Grace, that is it! It did have some hardcore shooting and killing goryness to it, which is why I rated this movie 3 out of 5 just for the gore that I saw. There was a twist in the movie that I did not expect, but I most LIKELY missed it because it was kinda boring and I was trying to stay awake! LOL! Other than that, the movie was not all that great! I suggest that if you are wanting to see it-DON'T! The End!