"For Colored Girls" (2010)- Review

Granted, this movie has some very deep and emotional and depressing parts, it is still a great movie! With an all-star cast! Loretta Devine will make you laugh...every scene that she is in-YOU SHALL LOL!! Tyler Perry did his thing when he made this movie! And it is made for both sexes, NOT just colored women or women in general. It shows how both colored men and women BEHAVE in today's society and the poems that the 7 women were sharing throughout the film was touching and it made me think and reflect on my own life in some ways. It shows how many stereotypical PEOPLE are in the world and how they accuse people of either being or acting a certain way because of their skin color. It is deep and really really good! I am glad that I saw this movie! Really glad! It will touch your heart, certain parts will make you laugh, and even more parts can make you REFLECT!