"Love & Other Drugs" (2010)- Review

This movie should have been called "Lust and More X-rated Sex!" Truthfully, they were showing the upper body parts to both the two main characters in the film and I was just in awe about that..I KNOW that in some films, sex sells and that skin is revealed, but in this movie-Jake and Anne really gave away all the goods! They were having sex everywhere and on any and everything! But, placing the sex aspect away, this is a role that I have never seen Hathaway portraying, though it had a ton of sex and sexual references in it-she played a very serious role with the occasional jokes-she did a dynamite job at acting like a woman with a disease with no possible cure. The ending was perfect and it touched me and I KNOW it touched a lot of other people. True, the majority of the film was funny and sexual, but the more it was ending, the more serious it became and it was inspiring what Gyenhaal said to Hathaway at the end when the bus pulled off at a rest stop...truthfully wheat they both said was true and proved love-forget about the other drugs! Believe me!