"The Next Three Days" (2010)- Review

First off, whomever did Bank's hair in the beginning of this movie, needs to be shot because it was revealed to me that she had on a wig on top of her brown hair because pieces of it was shown! Bad! Next, this movie was, what I thought to be action-packed from the previews and since it had Academy Award Winner, R. Crowe in it-I thought it would be good...boy was I incorrect.....I mean the plot was good, just maybe more pursuits and action was needed in order for me to give it a much better rating or maybe difference actors...the movie was weak and had a very slow and lacking "action." The last hour of it was the best, the car and high speed chases, the subway scene, the escape, the killing and getting shot parts.....that is what should've been shown throughout the entire film-in my opinion. I mean, yes, you can have dull parts through the entire movie-but even with some action & suspense that will keep the audience intrigued, at least. If you do not drift asleep-you can see why the movie is called what it is called...


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