"The Fighter" (2010)- Review

This was really an awesome movie. Inspiring and definitely a true story! Bale and Wahlberg worked well together. Bale was acting like a dumb 'ole fool in the movie and Mark's character was the compassionate role-he wanted everything: his mother's love and approval and to be heard and not to be walked over, a lady in his life to love, and a brother who would support him and not support his drug and alcohol habits. It really made me feel good with how it ended! I LOVE when actors make movies that are based on true stories for the simple reason is that it can show that the way people behave in today's society, they behaved almost the same exact way in the older years and we can see how far along society has come in certain perspectives in out lives. I connected with Mark's character in this movie because he wanted it all-the love, the parents, his life-his voice!