"How Do You Know" (2010)- Review

This was definitely a love triangle & romantic comedy movie I can tell you that much about it! Reese really makes me laugh at all the varied types of facial expressions that she makes and when she smiles-she lights up the screen! Paul Rudd really did a good job, but his character was not very serious, it was more of a funny part 100% not a serious part. Jack's character was funny-NO DOUBT! Owen really did a splendid job-the way he acted in this movie was funny as hell because the things that he said made no sense yet was extremely funny! I knew whom she was going to end up choosing in the middle of the movie. I loved the way that it ended and the music that played when the film ended.........it was a good choice! It is a movie for the holidays and for couples who want to see a truly remarkable romantic comedy! You will laugh from start to finish! :)