"The Tourist" (2010)- Review

If you see this movie-it will not take you long to figure out why it is called "The Tourist." Angelina Jolie really really did an outstanding job in this movie! I loved every minute of it. I was reminded of "Casino Royale" and "The Italian Job" because they were in Venice as well. What struck me as off is how Depp was speaking only Spanish in Paris and in Venice! Lol! True, there was some minimal humor and there was a twist in this movie also concerning both major characters! I was not expecting what happened to happen! I had been looking forward to seeing this movie ever since I first saw the preview for it. Depp and Jolie worked sorta well together because I felt like Jolie put her all in this movie, whereas Depp did not to say that he is the #1 top-rated Actor in the business! All in all, I loved this film and I WANT to see it again in theatres and then again and all over again on DVD....


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