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"The Mechanic" (2011)- Review

I waited a very long time to see this movie and it was worth the wait. Ben Foster and Jason Statham work very well together. There is just one little exception—Ben Foster was a fool and a loose cannon in this movie and what happened to him, he was asking to be executed: Bishop Style! Lol. The killing in this movie was awesome & some of the murders were gory as “The Departed.” Gory killing always freaks me out, but for some reason, I love it! Lol. Just to see the brains being splattered all over the screen and in slow motion-it is so intense; imagine if it was in 3D, huh? The whole movie was practically based in New Orleans & they made a part of it look like Chicago. I knew that was a lie because of the scenery. I hate when movies try to pretend to be another place/state…it is so weird to see movies on the Big Screen in your own hometown where it was filmed. The killing was gruesome, the acting was funny and not plain and as always, Statham had that “look” about it that told pe…

"The Rite" (2011)- Review

Nuns smoking in cars and priests answering cell phones while trying to extract the Devil out of people! Who in the hell would make a MOVIE like this with an Academy Award winning Anthony Hopkins? NOT ME! I cannot understand how this movie came #1 in the Box Office??? Yes, there was minimal humor-but you can get that in any genre of a film, but it was horrible in this. If this was supposed to be a horror film-they need to identify this as "strong Catholic humor and nonsense!" I was starting to drift off in the film! In the few scenes where people twisted and jumped trying to scare me--it did not work because the film prepared me that something "somewhat scary" was about to happen. I was extremely disappointed in this film. Hopkins was the only well-known celeb in the entire film. I can imagine how many people can make fun of this film if a "Catholic/Vatican" funny Scary Movie ever came out-they need to use this one! The End!

"No Strings Attached" (2011)- Review

This movie was definitely a “lovely romantic comedy” movie…it had pure and real sexual references! Ludacris had only a few scenes in the film-but he was funny as hell in each and every one. Ashton and Natalie worked well together! Just as I figured, it was a funny film from start to finish! I loved the music that played in the beginning of the movie. It was reminding me of the good old days when I was back in Middle School. It was truly “pimp and playa” songs! They even played “Shake a Tailfeather!” Lol! I can understand Natalie’s character completely, she always wanted NSA sex simply because she did not want to get hurt and that had happened to her in her past experiences. But like Ashton’s character told her, you cannot pick who you love-it chooses YOU and he fell for her and he could not wait and place his life on hold for her. He wanted more than just “sex buddies”, he wanted a real relationship and with real and unconditional love….so that was the in-depth lesson to be attained …

"The Dilemma" (2011)- Review

Vince and Kevin were exceptional--just such phenomenal in this movie! Kevin James' acting was not as great as in Hitch or Grown Ups, but he was nonetheless funny in this movie! Vince was funny as hell throughout the entire movie especially the scene with Channing Tatum who plays Zip. Vaughn was making me laugh @ almost every scene that he was in the movie....he made some jokes that could make little kids laugh! He & Tatum did well together, also. Ryder portrayed a good character as being a two-timing whore and Connelly was great at playing the compassionate and concerned girlfriend. In conclusion-this movie was good. I was so looking forward to it because of all the laughing I was doing when I saw the preview, initially. I thought I would be laughing uncontrollably like I was in other romantic comedy movies, but I did not in this one. I did like the movie, but I felt like I should have loved it, but I didn't. I think that this was a mild/funny romantic comedy and Queen Lat…

"The Green Hornet" 3D (2011)- Review

The Green Hornet…..what can I say about it? Or him? Hmmm.... I can tell you that once the tiny 3D scenes were over and I tipped my glasses off-the movie was back on in regular 2D formatting and, as usual-there was NOT a lot of 3D effects, as I figured there wouldn’t be. Kato was unbelievably funny in the movie: from how he talked and how he said certain phrases/sentences, how he sang an African American rap song so slow, etc. He was kicks! Britt was funny as well. I would not rate Seth Rogen a huge comic with Dane Cook or Adam Sandler, but Seth usually makes me laugh out loud in just about any film that he does that I see. The gas gun scene was funny as hell-I think everyone was waiting to see that scene because it was the only scene in the previews that people would always LOL to. The martial art that Kato was performing was AWESOME! The entire movie was spectacular. Cameron Diaz, I thought would have hooked up or at least kissed Seth Rogen-but no go. A main and true lesson I observe…