"The Dilemma" (2011)- Review

Vince and Kevin were exceptional--just such phenomenal in this movie! Kevin James' acting was not as great as in Hitch or Grown Ups, but he was nonetheless funny in this movie! Vince was funny as hell throughout the entire movie especially the scene with Channing Tatum who plays Zip. Vaughn was making me laugh @ almost every scene that he was in the movie....he made some jokes that could make little kids laugh! He & Tatum did well together, also. Ryder portrayed a good character as being a two-timing whore and Connelly was great at playing the compassionate and concerned girlfriend. In conclusion-this movie was good. I was so looking forward to it because of all the laughing I was doing when I saw the preview, initially. I thought I would be laughing uncontrollably like I was in other romantic comedy movies, but I did not in this one. I did like the movie, but I felt like I should have loved it, but I didn't. I think that this was a mild/funny romantic comedy and Queen Latifah was kicks in the movie although she was rarely seen in the film, but the sexual references that she was saying to Vince and Kevin was making my eyes red as hell and laughing out loud esp. the part at the end when she was talking about the motor vibrating! Lol