"The Green Hornet" 3D (2011)- Review

The Green Hornet…..what can I say about it? Or him? Hmmm.... I can tell you that once the tiny 3D scenes were over and I tipped my glasses off-the movie was back on in regular 2D formatting and, as usual-there was NOT a lot of 3D effects, as I figured there wouldn’t be. Kato was unbelievably funny in the movie: from how he talked and how he said certain phrases/sentences, how he sang an African American rap song so slow, etc. He was kicks! Britt was funny as well. I would not rate Seth Rogen a huge comic with Dane Cook or Adam Sandler, but Seth usually makes me laugh out loud in just about any film that he does that I see. The gas gun scene was funny as hell-I think everyone was waiting to see that scene because it was the only scene in the previews that people would always LOL to. The martial art that Kato was performing was AWESOME! The entire movie was spectacular. Cameron Diaz, I thought would have hooked up or at least kissed Seth Rogen-but no go. A main and true lesson I observed in the movie was that his dad wanted him to represent the business and follow onto his legacy, but Britt was too immature and was not focused and that happens in real life as well with some families. So that was a valuable lesson to be gained from the Green Hornet. "The Black Beauty" was a cool car--then it was replicated thrice. Kato and all the special effects that he put on that car-WOW!