"The Mechanic" (2011)- Review

I waited a very long time to see this movie and it was worth the wait. Ben Foster and Jason Statham work very well together. There is just one little exception—Ben Foster was a fool and a loose cannon in this movie and what happened to him, he was asking to be executed: Bishop Style! Lol. The killing in this movie was awesome & some of the murders were gory as “The Departed.” Gory killing always freaks me out, but for some reason, I love it! Lol. Just to see the brains being splattered all over the screen and in slow motion-it is so intense; imagine if it was in 3D, huh? The whole movie was practically based in New Orleans & they made a part of it look like Chicago. I knew that was a lie because of the scenery. I hate when movies try to pretend to be another place/state…it is so weird to see movies on the Big Screen in your own hometown where it was filmed. The killing was gruesome, the acting was funny and not plain and as always, Statham had that “look” about it that told people-DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE ME….he was not to be reckoned with! As far as Ben Foster’s character, he was kinda cocky and loose, not quite mechanic material-but he did make me laugh on certain scenes—he has the rough exterior-just brought it out too soon and people prepared for me because he was not cool and laid low.


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