"No Strings Attached" (2011)- Review

This movie was definitely a “lovely romantic comedy” movie…it had pure and real sexual references! Ludacris had only a few scenes in the film-but he was funny as hell in each and every one. Ashton and Natalie worked well together! Just as I figured, it was a funny film from start to finish! I loved the music that played in the beginning of the movie. It was reminding me of the good old days when I was back in Middle School. It was truly “pimp and playa” songs! They even played “Shake a Tailfeather!” Lol! I can understand Natalie’s character completely, she always wanted NSA sex simply because she did not want to get hurt and that had happened to her in her past experiences. But like Ashton’s character told her, you cannot pick who you love-it chooses YOU and he fell for her and he could not wait and place his life on hold for her. He wanted more than just “sex buddies”, he wanted a real relationship and with real and unconditional love….so that was the in-depth lesson to be attained from this film other than sex, sex, sex, sex, and laughter! All in all-this movie is the best romantic comedy of 2011, thus far, absolutely no doubt about it! Geaux see this film! You will laugh and maybe shed a few tears! By the way--I loved the "carrot scene!"