"The Rite" (2011)- Review

Nuns smoking in cars and priests answering cell phones while trying to extract the Devil out of people! Who in the hell would make a MOVIE like this with an Academy Award winning Anthony Hopkins? NOT ME! I cannot understand how this movie came #1 in the Box Office??? Yes, there was minimal humor-but you can get that in any genre of a film, but it was horrible in this. If this was supposed to be a horror film-they need to identify this as "strong Catholic humor and nonsense!" I was starting to drift off in the film! In the few scenes where people twisted and jumped trying to scare me--it did not work because the film prepared me that something "somewhat scary" was about to happen. I was extremely disappointed in this film. Hopkins was the only well-known celeb in the entire film. I can imagine how many people can make fun of this film if a "Catholic/Vatican" funny Scary Movie ever came out-they need to use this one! The End!