"Big Momma's: Like Father, Like Son" (2011)- Review

This Big Momma's House movie was NOT all that I thought it to be. I did not even see this preview a lot before its but, so that alerted me that it may not get high ratings. I thought that this movie was partly funny because of how Martin Lawrence was acting as Big Momma. Every scene he was in was extremely funny. Brandon Jackson was funny, in CERTAIN scenes, but not everyone of them. It seems as though when they were acting like females, they had the attention and laughter from the audience; but acting as males, they were lame and did not have that spark. I seriously think that this movie never should have been made. I think that they should have stopped at Part II. I mean, the original Trent and Sherry were not in this movie. What is up with that? Besides Martin and Brandon...no other big names was in the film...that was a huge red flag right there! It was not a terrible movie, but it was not great as the first two....


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