"Just Go With It" (2011)- Review

This movie was all about Adam Sandler in two perspectives: one was that he was the main character in the movie and two, the jokes that he made in the movie was hilarious. I sincerely felt like Jennifer Aniston was just laughing at his jokes in the movie because she was getting paid to and two, dammit—they really were funny as hell. The coconut scene with Nicole Kidman & Jennifer Aniston was funny. I predicted the ending because I read that there was a shocking twist and in a predictable romantic comedy movie such as this one, it was easy for me to see what the end result was going to be after seeing certain scenes and piecing it together. The kids were funny in this movie, truly gifted. I do not know why, lately, Jennifer Aniston movies are flops, but if this movie makes it #1 or in the Top 5…it is because of Adam Sandler. Given, Aniston did make a few clever remarks and did a few minimal things to make me laugh, Adam outdid her. Sorry Jen! This was a movie to make you laugh and I really enjoyed watching it…even if Jennifer co-starred….and the few plastic surgery patients that visited Sandler & Aniston were kicks!!!


G homie!! said…
loved it!! ha ha