"The Roommate" (2011)- Review

This was a movie that was targeted more towards the teenage genre. The killing and threatening tactics in this film was mildly suggestive, I mean if this movie had been rated R an was showing more extensive and bloody images (some of the scenes were gross 2 me-but I like gory), it would have gotten a better rating, but since it was not in all fairness, I have to rate it average. I loved the ending part….the fighting scene with Sara and her psycho roommate!!! That girl was nuts! I LOVED how the audience in the theater was talking and whispering aloud things like, “look @ this crazy girl” or ”this hoe up and went psycho” or “she been off that medication for a while baby!” I mean, it exacerbate my laughing! Seriously! Lol. I say that this film was a re-make of Alicia Silverstone’s, “The Crush.” I say that simply because, Sara’s roommate was schizophrenic & controlling and just plain psychotic as can be as Silverstone was. It always amazes @ how mentally retarded a person can be or slow-they make the best thinkers and they come up with the best ways to seek revenge on people whom have hurt them or someone that they love or is obsessive or controlling over like Rebecca (the roommate) and Adrian (The Crush w/Alicia Silverstone). I think that it had just the right dosage of teen humor, scary images, and frightening consequences to be an average movie!