"Unknown" (2011)- Review

This movie had a good & strong plot-the only problem was that it was not portrayed to its full potential. I felt like I was watching a cheaply made movie that just happened to be good. Neeson playing a guy that can whup some ass is awesome and Jones was not a convincing enough actress if she was supposed to portray a damn lethal assassin. I'm just saying. I felt like this movie was a combination of Inception, the Bourne movies, the Devil's Advocate, & Taken. Each of these four movies, a certain element that was in them was in this film and if you really ponder on it while you watch it, you will see why I used these films to demonstrate my point. I enjoyed the movie, but I felt that it could have been a little bit stronger to be rated 5 stars in my rating. The action scenes and the music that was playing in the background really attracted me! I love high speed car chases and brutal fighting. It is what makes a movie interesting and to stop it from being dull and boring! There should have been more well-named actors in this movie as well besides Neeson and Jones. There was a twist that I thought would not be revealed to me, but I was so thankful that it was because if it was not--I definitely would have called this film dumb and demanded a refund!