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"The Lincoln Lawyer" (2011)- Review

McConaughey & Phillippe worked so well together. I do know what Macy was doing in this film-but his character was not needed @ all. The movie had a good story line, but it could have been better I think. Matthew had that "look" and so did Ryan during the entire film and the person who I thought killed a certain person in the film---actually did NOT kill that person. I was fooled there! Dangit! The beat and the music for the film was awesome and Earl, the driver was a great character and Matthew did have a few jokes that he told in the film and they all made me chuckle a bit! All in all, this was a good movie-but something just was missing and Marisa Tomei did not make a huge comeback in this movie because she overtly had a tiny role in the film and after all these ears, she did not look sexy...she looked like she need plastic surgery! The movie definitely had drama, conflict, sex, and suspense!

"Limitless" (2011)- Review

From the moment that I saw the preview for this movie, it looked like it would be an interesting film-but the only problem that I had with the film was that it could have been better; it was lacking the action and the adrenaline. There were scenes in the film where these two A’s came into play, but not for the entire film, sorry. DeNiro did an outstanding job in every scene that he was in. His movements and facial expressions displayed a strong-willed business man-very high up! Bradley Cooper did a good; not great, but good job in the film. I loved the scenes that were making me dizzy where it was just zooming all trough New York City esp. the beginning of the movie. The Opening Credits were amazing! Those parts that were making me dizzy should have been in 3D! Ha! I wish that there was a pill that was like NZT, but that it would never wear off and that you never get addicted to it to be “smarter than the average person!” I also wish DeNiro could have been present in the film a little…

"Red Riding Hood" (2011)- Review

I saw the Advanced Screening of this childhood epic story tonight and it was really good, I thought. It catered to both the old and the young because it had that edge of ur seat suspense, it had romance, and most of all, it was not predictable. I was thinking about how this movie is so compatible to Twilight. A love story about a girl who is in love with two men, but in this movie-it is not movie after movie....Lol! I thought so many different people would have been the Wolf, but I was wrong on every last count. The movie tricked me: they showed flashbacks and voices to make the audience think one thing, when in actuality-the Wolf was someone we, at least I, never suspected. I love movies like that-that means it can keep me on my toes and the suspense is great and I am so drawn to that about a movie! It was a very soft suspense/romance film-it was not good or not bad-it was just right. I loved watching it, but Amanda Seyfried needs to learn how to act…her acting was okay-she needs to…

"The Adjustment Bureau" (2011)- Review

I thought that Blunt & Damon were really a couple in real life rather than in this movie because in this movie it seemed like their love was so real and unbreakable, like an epic love! This movie really goes beyond the "Adjustment Bureau" & really zeroed in on those two characters! I loved every single last minute of this film. I love every single minute of the movie. It was really keep and meaningful! It had the determination and the will of people not to give up, it had suspense, it had conflict and drama. All the elements to make a movie a huge success and it my eyes! I am not really a person who gets into political films, but this one-it had me speechless and there was a short scene in the movie when Blunt has an accident that reminded me of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." You will know it-when you see it!"

"Beastly" (2011)- Review

I thought that this movie was, in fact, a teenage love story re-make of Beauty & the Beast. But I can spin it deeper....I was compelled to think about people today who think of themselves on a higher pedestal than that of others & it takes something monumental to make them realize that they need to change certain aspects of their lives. What Kendra did to Hunter/Kyle was a little repulsive, but it made him realize people have feelings and that making fun of others, being insensitive and judgemental gets you disliked by people. He also became more humble and appreciated the things he never valued as well. This film was good and deep...not deep on a teenage love story-but a different kind of deep; like examining life & how people think of others. The film really displayed issues that I hope people one day realize: It is okay to think highly of yourself...but not to let it consume you to a point where you allow your looks & fortune make you superior to others and lose pe…