"Beastly" (2011)- Review

I thought that this movie was, in fact, a teenage love story re-make of Beauty & the Beast. But I can spin it deeper....I was compelled to think about people today who think of themselves on a higher pedestal than that of others & it takes something monumental to make them realize that they need to change certain aspects of their lives. What Kendra did to Hunter/Kyle was a little repulsive, but it made him realize people have feelings and that making fun of others, being insensitive and judgemental gets you disliked by people. He also became more humble and appreciated the things he never valued as well. This film was good and deep...not deep on a teenage love story-but a different kind of deep; like examining life & how people think of others. The film really displayed issues that I hope people one day realize: It is okay to think highly of yourself...but not to let it consume you to a point where you allow your looks & fortune make you superior to others and lose people in your life because of your actions. Money can last a lifetime...but if you have no one to share it with and you have alienated all the people around you-what will you resort to doing?


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