"Limitless" (2011)- Review

From the moment that I saw the preview for this movie, it looked like it would be an interesting film-but the only problem that I had with the film was that it could have been better; it was lacking the action and the adrenaline. There were scenes in the film where these two A’s came into play, but not for the entire film, sorry. DeNiro did an outstanding job in every scene that he was in. His movements and facial expressions displayed a strong-willed business man-very high up! Bradley Cooper did a good; not great, but good job in the film. I loved the scenes that were making me dizzy where it was just zooming all trough New York City esp. the beginning of the movie. The Opening Credits were amazing! Those parts that were making me dizzy should have been in 3D! Ha! I wish that there was a pill that was like NZT, but that it would never wear off and that you never get addicted to it to be “smarter than the average person!” I also wish DeNiro could have been present in the film a little bit more and dang were Coooper's eyes blue, huh?!?! To be limitless is a great thing temporarily, but once it wears off, where are you then? The killing/fighting scenes could have been more brutal and gory, but I thought the needle in the eye fight scene was killer great…when Cooper sucked up that blood off the floor-I was like WTF? Towards the end-it starts to get great!


greg metcalf said…
saw it and loved it!