"The Lincoln Lawyer" (2011)- Review

McConaughey & Phillippe worked so well together. I do know what Macy was doing in this film-but his character was not needed @ all. The movie had a good story line, but it could have been better I think. Matthew had that "look" and so did Ryan during the entire film and the person who I thought killed a certain person in the film---actually did NOT kill that person. I was fooled there! Dangit! The beat and the music for the film was awesome and Earl, the driver was a great character and Matthew did have a few jokes that he told in the film and they all made me chuckle a bit! All in all, this was a good movie-but something just was missing and Marisa Tomei did not make a huge comeback in this movie because she overtly had a tiny role in the film and after all these ears, she did not look sexy...she looked like she need plastic surgery! The movie definitely had drama, conflict, sex, and suspense!