"Red Riding Hood" (2011)- Review

I saw the Advanced Screening of this childhood epic story tonight and it was really good, I thought. It catered to both the old and the young because it had that edge of ur seat suspense, it had romance, and most of all, it was not predictable. I was thinking about how this movie is so compatible to Twilight. A love story about a girl who is in love with two men, but in this movie-it is not movie after movie....Lol! I thought so many different people would have been the Wolf, but I was wrong on every last count. The movie tricked me: they showed flashbacks and voices to make the audience think one thing, when in actuality-the Wolf was someone we, at least I, never suspected. I love movies like that-that means it can keep me on my toes and the suspense is great and I am so drawn to that about a movie! It was a very soft suspense/romance film-it was not good or not bad-it was just right. I loved watching it, but Amanda Seyfried needs to learn how to act…her acting was okay-she needs to put more emphasis on making more stronger facial expressions and having more actions with her hands-she is just plain to me, she does not have that spark yet….all in all, the movie was good and maybe they will make a sequel...but from the way it ended, there is always a possibility-I did not like the ending, but it did make sense, too!


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