"Arthur" (2011)- Review

I thought that Russell Brand did an OUTSTANDING job portraying Arthur. He was witty, funny, charismatic, & just a plain super-spoiled rich kid and I hope that there are not people who behave like that in the real world today! Lol! The Grand Central Terminal scene was awesome to me; the scene where he went looking for a job was funny and the Bridal Shower scene with Jennifer Garner was funny as he was singing and rhyming at the same time. Other than that, the other parts of the movie, I chuckled a bit and did not laugh hysterically. The scene with Greta & Russell when they were pretend talking at Grand Central Terminal made me NYC sick because I was walking down that same path when I was in NY 3 years ago and it seemed like yesterday. Jennifer Garner was not in the movie a lot, but the parts that she was in-she played her character average. There were certain parts in the movie where I was really waiting for Arthur to do something so mature and grown up, but it never happened. He did do some grown up things, but did it in a childish sort of a way so it does not count. The movie was really funny from beginning to end. You should see it; you will laugh and laugh, and definitely laugh! Arthur makes you L-A-U-G-H! He will bring the inner-kid out in YOU! :)


Logan said…
Saw it tonight w/ my fiance. We both loved it. Got plenty of laughs from the both of us.
Well, I am glad to know that you both loved it!