"Fast 5" (2011)- Review

I’ve always been a huge Fast & Furious fan! But this movie was great…it seems like the latest film is always better than the previous one. This movie picked up right where the last one ended. Ludacris and Tyrese had some funny parts in the movie and that is what made it even greater! Having an action-themed/packed film with a little humor makes a movie in my opinion. Vin & Paul Walker always make jokes about who is the better driver and I laugh at them. The fighting scene between The Rock and Vin Diesel was awesome. Having those two go up against each other is just not right. The Rock was too huge and he could have whipped Vin! Lol! Some parts of the movie was ‘fake’ & I could see that. The special effects made it possible for me to recognize it! The scene with the safe was tight and how it ended everyone in the theater was clapping! All in all, it was an explosive movie! It was great from beginning to end!