"Madea's Big Happy Family" (2011)- Review

In all honesty, I think that Tyler did not put his all into this movie. It was good-but not his greatest work. Madea was not in the movie that much, but the sections that she was-I laughed my butt off! And Bam was pretty funny in the movie as well…I laughed at almost everything she said and did in the movie! Joe was funny as usual and the ending was a huge funny shocker! Unbelievable! I was really looking forward to laughing the entire movie, but I did not & was very disappointed. As a whole, the movie was good-NOT GREAT as I said earlier. Tyler Perry is a great actor as Madea, but when he plays himself, he just does not have that spark and this was like an ordinary plain low-budget movie and it hurts me to rate it a very high rating and I would be definitely shocked if it came in the Weekend Box Office at #1! If it does, I am happy for him, but if not-movie critics share my opinions about the film. I just cannot get over the fact that this movie was so plain and had no umph to it like his other 9 previous films.