"Scream 4" (2011)- Review

I’ve always heard of the Scream movies & I have always thought that they were supposed to be these really intense and gruesome killings, but in fact I can now see why Scary Movies 1-3 made fun of Scream. They both go in hand in hand, actually. Anyways-staying on the subject; I was really looking forward to this movie because it has been years since they made a new one and the photography of the movie was good and the acting was good. It was really great. I loved Neve Campbell in this movie, but what I cannot understand is how the Ghostface Killer always wants to kill her when it is a damn different killer in every film! Lol…does the killers exchange notes between filming the movies? Lol. There were 1 or 2 parts that made me jump because something happened very unexpectedly. The very beginning of the movie was funny (if u see it u will know why); the middle was great and not a dull moment and the scene with Anthony Anderson where he was talking about Bruce Willis is priceless! He goes out with a bang! I just hate that I knew hen people were going to die though in the film, the locations were inevitable, really. Any empty area is a “killer zone.” It was too predictable. If you are going to murder someone, at least do NOT let it be so easy for me to know when it is going to happen and STOP!! STOP!! STOP making the idiots chase the killer or leave safe places to get killed-that is what makes horror films flops and very predictable. Throughout the entire film, the girls in the row above me kept screaming in the theatre & they were the only ones! I was laughing at them more than certain funny parts in the damn film! HaHa! The ending of the movie-there was a twist and something shocking that will rock you, most definitely. You may think you know who the killer is, but when it is revealed, you will react just as I did—in disbelief! Courtney Cox was sexy and bitchy as always, of course—in short, it was great and I loved it. It is a must see, but the killing was pretty predictable, but the end got me and I figured out who the killer was at the end before it was too late! I like that aspect of the film! Kept me guessing! Thanks Wes Craven!