"Bridesmaids" (2011)- Review

This movie was, in my candid opinion, is very equal 2 "The Hangover" except for the fact that no one went missing in the movie. I did not want to see this film, but more and more people kept talking about it, I noticed that it got outstanding reviews, more and more guys went to see it than women, FB statuses were posted about it, so I had to see if all this was correct and it was definitely confirmed. This film was very funny! It had a ton of sexual references and R-rated images. Some stuff it in made me laugh so hard that my eyes were on fire! I could not catch my breath because it was funny from start to finish. It was not a chick flick to me; just because a movie is centered on all women does not mean that a man cannot appreciate a good comedy movie! Kristen Wiig really, really, really outdid herself in this movie. Her body language and movements were perfect! She played the "LEAD ROLE" in this movie-there is no doubt in my mind about that! Job VERY well-done! Also, the bathroom sink scene with Megan was by far, my FAVORITE scene in the entire movie!