"Priest" 3D (2011)- Review

I saw an Advanced Screening of this movie and I do not know why I was ever even interested in it! Seriously! The movie looked as if it had a good story-line, but it sucked. This movie had minimal to no 3D visual effects in it at all. I was in my seat in the theater praying for the movie to hurry up and end and I was also drifting asleep on it as well. That is never a good thing! There were some parts in the film that totally freaked me out-it was not gory but disgusting! Guess that the writers wanted to incorporate some nasty images in with gory/religious killings! I dunno. I am just glad that I got to see ti for FREE, the 3D glasses were FREE, and the entire night was FREE because if I had to pay to see this movies, I would be so upset! DO NOT SEE this horrific movie-save ur money because it is not worth your hard earned money! Do not see if in 3D....if 3D is all they have, get an illegal copy of it for free, DO NOT PAY FOR IT because the only scene that is worth watching is the very end between the Priest and the Vampire!


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