"The Hangover 2" (2011)- Review

Have 2 say this FIRST: Alan’s wedding gift 2 Stu was a shocker @ the end of the film! It matched well with Stu! I saw the Advanced Screening of the movie & it rocked! My eyes were blood red from laughing so hysterically! I mean the FUNNIEST two characters in the movie were Stu and Alan. Phil & Doug were also funny-but Stu & Alan were making me laugh so much. I mean the movie was so much better than the first. The photography of the film was spectacular, the actors did a great job, it was funny, it was exciting and some of the things that were seen in this movie were X-rated, I can tell you! It totally freaked me the hell out! These are things that I never expected to see! They caught me off guard! All the scenes with that monkey were hilarious! All the facial expressions that Alan made were priceless. The format of the movie/opening credits were exactly similar 2 the first Hangover. The movie was excellent from beginning to end! I will probably go see it again and have to pay for it-but I am telling you that it will be so totally worth it for the laughter! When I exited the theater, I told the Warner Bros. representatives, because they were asking all the patrons how the movie was—that I loved it very much and that it was funny and that I had the pleasure to meet Ed Helms last year (2009) on the set of his new film, “Jeff Who Lives @ Home.” The movies are high, the economy sucks, but The Hangover II….PRICELESS!


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