"Something Borrowed" (2011)- Review

I've always said that TWO girls cannot be best friends and be after the same man! This movie was very entertaining! Kate Hudson was really acting & showing her acting capabilities! She was funny, she was wild/reckless, she was entertaining, she was pissed, she was confused, angry, any role that she needed to portray, in this film, I felt that she did it perfectly! I loved her character! So much! The actor whom played her love interest did a very good job as well, but he could have placed a bit more emphasis into his character. Nonetheless, his acting along with Ginnifer-they BELONGED together in the movie! Lol! I think that this film was a re-make of certain films such as The Wedding Planner and Bride Wars where the Bride wants to marry a certain guy, but then falls for the GF's best friend or brother, etc. Very predictable! But I thought that this movie was very funny, sweet, romantic, and should have come out on Valentine's Day weekend instead of Mother's Day weekend. Hudson really outdid herself in this movie and I enjoyed watching her perform in this film so very much. The way that she was dancing and somewhat bossing people around & having that charisma where whatever she wanted, she went after it no matter the costs and speaking her mind; just being bold......that is what attracted me to her character because she STOOD out and was NOTICED!