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"Crazy Stupid Love" (2011)- Review

Explosive! Funny! Charismatic! All these words describe how wonderful this film was! OMG! It seemed like the movie was set in a bar as much as the cast were in bars during the whole film! I mean, this movie was truly about how crazy and stupid love can be, honestly. That is why they named it: CRAZY STUPID LOVE! ONE very interesting attribute that this movie had that I did not except @ all was---SUSPENSE AND MYSTERY! I say that because there is a mystery about Emma Stone & Marisa Tomei in the storyline that I never even saw coming and I will say it again-I love a movie that is not predictable; so many questions of mine never got answered about this movie-a sequel may come up because of it and if you see it, you will see what I mean. Questions like will Jacob and Hannah stay a couple? Do Emily and Carl reunite? What happens with the 8the grade teacher? Does the babysitter hook up with the 13 year old boy who had a crush on her? Steve Carell made me laugh out loud with his role, that…

"Friends With Benefits" (2011)- Review

Granted, “No Strings Attached” movie with Kutcher & Portman was really awesome and NSA AND FWB both mean the exact same thing—had an Advanced Screening to this film so here is my rating on it--I really liked this movie! The beginning was so great! It made me think one thing, when I was so totally off base with it and I laughed @ myself! I love it when I am tricked about something in a movie that means that it will not be “as predictable”. Of course, the ending to the movie was predictable, but certain parts kept me guessing that something either could or could not happen. Mila Kunis played a very tough, feisty, street-smart NY girl & Timberlake played the more playboy type who wanted love-both did not want to commit, but I liked how they came together. The movie had me laughing at so many parts-the introduction to Woody Harrelson was hilarious! Kunis’ mom was funny, Timberlake’s dad was funnier and the scene with Timberlake and a girl he picked up while separated from Jamie wh…

"Captain America: The First Avenger" (2011)- Review

This was spectacular movie! I am glad that I decided to see it! Great, but I am so thankful that I did not see it in 3D because I know 4 a fact; I would have been very disappointed! It had all the action, it had all the killing, and fighting scenes, and most importantly, it kept me entertained-there was minimal humor-but it was still funny nonetheless. After the ending credits were over and we saw the trailer for the Avengers, that was pretty awesome! Spring 2012 cannot get here fast enough! The trailer was super cool and intense! The ending was pretty unpredictable, maybe people who follow this comic book icon knew the ending was going to end the way that it did, but for it, it was truly a shocker! Chris Evans & Tommy Lee Jones were great & I loved the visual effects, all the blasting, the illumination, etc! Fantastic! In conclusion, this movie was very good & I enjoyed watching it!

"Horrible Bosses" (2011)- Review

Wow! What can I say about “the” actual horrible bosses AND the actual film itself? Whew! The bosses were all the same, crude, rude, and just horrible! But the way that they were all introduced in the beginning of the film was remarkably funny! There were so many sexual explicit scenes with Aniston’s character that I could NOT contain my laughter! She was dynamite! The way that Day acted throughout the entire film was simply funny-he was stupid as hell! He had me cracking up and so did Jamie Foxx! Foxx’s name in the movie was soooo damn funny and the story he tells as to how he got the name is priceless; trust me on that! Because of all the sexual explicit imagery and the vulgar language/references, I felt like I was watching a continuation of Bad Teacher! Lol! This movie, as a whole was very entertaining from start to finish! I laughed at almost every character and in every scene at like 5 minute intervals! That is a definite good thing! This movie had the perfect cast, the photograph…

"The Zookeeper" (2011)- Review

A repeat of Night @ the Museum is all this movie is-with a little bit more emphasis on COMPASSION & COMMITMENT to the job and the animals; with the exception that in this movie, it is animals that talk and not people/statues. This is a movie for children, young adults and families. This is a cute film for really any genre of individuals. It has lots of laughs-thank to Kevin James. I mean, he is clumsy as an ox, the way he screams when the animals begin talking and following him, certain scenes that he does that just make you laugh so hard and say wow because u cannot believe that he just did what you saw, etc. That little monkey was HILARIOUS. Whomever did the voice for that monkey needs to win an Academy Award-they were funny as hell! The scene with the Fo*Rida song, "Low" featuring the Gorilla was too funny as well. This movie will keep you laughing from start to finish & the very beginning of the movie was funny, too! Kevin James is a really talented and gifted ac…

"Larry Crowne" (2011)- Review

This movie was like Larry: plain and just no flare to it/him! But, the IMMEDIATE thing that I noticed about Julia Roberts’ character in this movie is that is was slightly similar to Cameron Diaz’ character in Bad Teacher. Diaz’ character was rough and slutty and did not give a crap while on the other hand, Roberts’ character was simply nonchalance, at times-not 24/7 and she would always look beat up and exhausted. Now that is out of the way…..I felt like every time Julia and Tom interacted with each other, it was very funny and exciting. Dr. M was really funny when he started laughing uncontrollably in his scenes. This was a low-budget film with no other stars but Julia and Tom that had pivotal roles. This was one of those movies where the previews looked intriguing-but the end result was just okay. This was a movie made for the “older generation.” It was really original and I not deliver the type of performance I was expecting, so thank you not Mr. Larry Crowne!