"Friends With Benefits" (2011)- Review

Granted, “No Strings Attached” movie with Kutcher & Portman was really awesome and NSA AND FWB both mean the exact same thing—had an Advanced Screening to this film so here is my rating on it--I really liked this movie! The beginning was so great! It made me think one thing, when I was so totally off base with it and I laughed @ myself! I love it when I am tricked about something in a movie that means that it will not be “as predictable”. Of course, the ending to the movie was predictable, but certain parts kept me guessing that something either could or could not happen. Mila Kunis played a very tough, feisty, street-smart NY girl & Timberlake played the more playboy type who wanted love-both did not want to commit, but I liked how they came together. The movie had me laughing at so many parts-the introduction to Woody Harrelson was hilarious! Kunis’ mom was funny, Timberlake’s dad was funnier and the scene with Timberlake and a girl he picked up while separated from Jamie who was sniffing and licking his armpit hair-that scene was priceless! It was a re-make that, in my opinion was very enjoyable to watch! I loved it from start to finish. It had a little conflict, a little drama, most of all, it had me laughing and wanting more!