"Crazy Stupid Love" (2011)- Review

Explosive! Funny! Charismatic! All these words describe how wonderful this film was! OMG! It seemed like the movie was set in a bar as much as the cast were in bars during the whole film! I mean, this movie was truly about how crazy and stupid love can be, honestly. That is why they named it: CRAZY STUPID LOVE! ONE very interesting attribute that this movie had that I did not except @ all was---SUSPENSE AND MYSTERY! I say that because there is a mystery about Emma Stone & Marisa Tomei in the storyline that I never even saw coming and I will say it again-I love a movie that is not predictable; so many questions of mine never got answered about this movie-a sequel may come up because of it and if you see it, you will see what I mean. Questions like will Jacob and Hannah stay a couple? Do Emily and Carl reunite? What happens with the 8the grade teacher? Does the babysitter hook up with the 13 year old boy who had a crush on her? Steve Carell made me laugh out loud with his role, that man is funny as hell no matter what role he plays and he always manages to play a comedy role. If he ever portrayed a serious role, I would not go see the movie! Lol! The tone, the photography, and the picture quality of the movie was spectacular! Ryan Gosling made me laugh too by the things he was saying and doing! The scene where all the guys were fighting in the yard was CRAZY!---The scene where the babysitter took those pictures for Cal was STUPID!---The scene where the playboy said he was falling in love with Hannah was LOVE! A must see movie that is about exploring life, changing you are for the better and seeing what new adventures await you! Take a chance, CRAZY STUPID LOVE is out there! :)


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