"The Zookeeper" (2011)- Review

A repeat of Night @ the Museum is all this movie is-with a little bit more emphasis on COMPASSION & COMMITMENT to the job and the animals; with the exception that in this movie, it is animals that talk and not people/statues. This is a movie for children, young adults and families. This is a cute film for really any genre of individuals. It has lots of laughs-thank to Kevin James. I mean, he is clumsy as an ox, the way he screams when the animals begin talking and following him, certain scenes that he does that just make you laugh so hard and say wow because u cannot believe that he just did what you saw, etc. That little monkey was HILARIOUS. Whomever did the voice for that monkey needs to win an Academy Award-they were funny as hell! The scene with the Fo*Rida song, "Low" featuring the Gorilla was too funny as well. This movie will keep you laughing from start to finish & the very beginning of the movie was funny, too! Kevin James is a really talented and gifted actor/comedian. Rosario Dawson could have portrayed her character with more emphasis than she did. She acted brilliantly in the wedding scene and the end, but all other scenes that she was in: NAH! James' movements and facial expressions are just phenomenal in this movie-the way he interacted with the animals teaching him how to re-invent himself is funny; what they tell him to do, the whole thing is sweet and funny. You will chuckle, you will laugh, you will smile big, but one thing you will NOT do: say that there was NOT one part in the movie you DID NOT LOVE. A movie suited for anyone in my candid opinion!