"The Help" (2011)- Review

I'm dumbfounded @ the effect that this movie has had on me. There was ONE thing that was unclear to me, WHY did the WHITE characters hire BLACK maids, but did not want the maids to have equal rights as them & keep them segregated??? Minny was a trip in this movie; esp. her "secret ingredient" in her pie! LMAO! Once u find out what it is-your eyes will turn blood red from the laughter!!! I did not read the book about this movie, but if the movie was this deep, intense, & inspiring-I know the book had to be as well! Emma Stone portrayed her character beautifully, but Viola Davis & Octavia Spencer captured the screen since the film zeroed in on THEIR experiences & Stone had to write about them. Some parts offended me because this movie showed how it use to be in that era. Racism still exists in the world today, but it is not as bad as it was in the '50's & earlier/later. I can truly appreciate & respect films like this because they are trying to relay a crucial message to the audience-and that message is one word: CHANGE! Make a difference & let your voice be heard on any topic that you feel passionate about & want to change for the better! As Aibileen says, "You is special, you is smart, & you is needed!"