"Colombiana" (2011)- Review

I thought this movie was superb! Right on the $$$$! Zoe really handled those weapons! The scene in the bathroom where she was fighting Marco could have been more realistic looking....Zoe had that killer look & instinct-loved how she was sassy & elegant with every kill! This movie reminded me of Wanted or Bourne Identity because the killings were planned & executed well in the two movies I just compared this one too! I hope a sequel is made; there are those moments where an actor in any film may look a certain way or say something that may trigger a laugh from the audience & there were a few of those in this movie! I loved that! The girl who played Young Cataleya really was moving & jumping & running from those men like a pro! Wonder how long she had to train in order to do that? Great film! Could have had bigger actors in it, but then again, the film was centered around Zoe avenging her parents' deaths....


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